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Profile of Jiangsu Tongguang Electronic Wire & Cable Corp., Ltd

  Jiangsu Tongguang Electronic Wire & Cable Corp., Ltd (hereafter brief as company), formerly known as Jiangsu Tongguang Electronic Wire & Cable Co., Ltd, was established in 2000 with registered capital of 100million RMB. The company occupies 57000 square meters of land area and the main products of it are high quality RF coaxial cable and wire and cable for aerospace application, including PTFE insulated Wire and cable, FEP insulated Wire, PTFE film insulated wire, PTFE insulated radio frequency flexible coaxial cable, PTFE insulated semi-rigid coaxial cable, PTFE insulated microwave coaxial semi-flexible cable, PTFE insulated RG series cable, X-ETFE insulated wire and cable and fluor-plastics insulated silastic jacket control cable etc., the products of the company are widely used in military aerospace field as well as in civilian communication field.
  The company has strong strength in R&D, a technical team of many well known experts has been committed to research and development of new products for many years, and takes part in draft-out work of China national standards and relevant industry standards. The company possesses proprietary intellectual property rights for its products and technology, has state granted patents of radio frequency coaxial cable, low loss phase-compensated cable and high temperature optical fiber cable. Especially, in 2007, entrusted by National Standard Committee, the company took part in draft-out work for five IEC standards including standard of “IEC 61196-8-1: Coaxial communication cable - Part 8-1: Blank detail specification for semi-flexible cable with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) insulation”
  Taking the idea of “to be a company fully satisfied by customers”, The company has a first-rate quality inspection and measurement center and sound quality management system, and is equipped with many world class manufacturing equipments and measurement instruments such as hydraulic Extruders from Jennings(USA), precise high speed weave machine from SPIRKA (Germany), ink jet coding from WIEDENBACH (Germany), a line combined from two extruder in-series for X-ETFE insulation, HP8753E and N5230A Network Analyzer from USA , high and low temperature test chamber, RoHS tester etc.
  The products of the company were honored as “Top Brand of Nantong” and "Famous Brand" by China electronics industry, among them, SFF-50-1-51 type radio frequency flexible coaxial cable, got the honour of State Science and Technology Award and has been identified as high-tech products, and the company has been identified as provincial high-tech enterprises at the same time. The company passed the GB/T19001-2000 idt ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification issued by CEPREI in 2002; passed the GJB9001A- 2001military quality system certification issued by XQC in 2003; was designated as a designated electron components suppler for aerospace application in 2004. The PLA army representative came to the company in Sep. 2005, and the company passed confidentiality certification with excellent score in Dec. 2005; obtained a license for scientific research and production of arms and equipment issued by State Commission of Science and Technology for National Defense Industry in Mar. 2006. In order to expand military market better, the company applied draft-out of enterprise military standards for military electron components in that year, and five series product standards have gotten approved. The company was awarded a certificate of honor as a military electron components qualified supplier by Ministry of Inion Industry in Nov 2006. The project of semi-flexible radio frequency coaxial cable for station application self-developed by the company enjoyed the State Innovation Fund for Middle and Small Scale Enterprise in 2006, and some special multi-core cable such as 36 core spiral cable were successfully developed, made a remarkable contribute for aeronautical industry. Moreover, the company obtained a license for scientific research and production of military electronic equipment issued by Ministry of Inion Industry in Aug 2007, obtained a qualified certificate for military electronic components and certification for production line issued by China Military Electronic Components Quality Certification Committee in Jan 2008. The company exists two military standard implemental line since then. The company obtained qualified supplier certificate issued by General Armament Department of PLA in Sep 2008. It indicates that development of Jiangsu Tongguang Electronic wire & Cable Corp., Ltd has already climbed up to a new step.
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